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November 17, 2015

What To Get Your Friend For Their Birthday?

I think we have all came to the same problem before, what to get our friends for their birthday!?  Whether they are new friends, old friends, or acquaintances it's sweet to get these people presents on their birthday to remind them they are loved. So here are some tips on  how to find a perfect thoughtful birthday present for your friend!

1. Stalk your friends Social Media
Now this is great for the creative, stylish, artsy, theme, or specific gifts.  You know how to work the internet! Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. These are web portals into your friends heart and soul! Try to get inspiration from their reblogs, retweets, likes, or posts if you can access them. Stalk, stalk and shop!

2. Wing It
Go to a general store, Target, Home and Goods, the local Mall.... Shop around until you find a couple inspiring baubles that reminds you of your friend. Here are some items I recently picked up at Home and Goods. Buy a cute Happy Birthday bag and tissue paper and your are set!
Jonathan Adler Paper Flamingo Coasters

Unscented Owl Candle

Silicon Pineapple Ice Cube Trays

                                                                                      Throw these in a gift bag! 

                                                                                     3. Groupon
Groupon is an amazing site that has great local and world wide deals. Facials, Hot Yoga Classes, Coffee Mugs, you name it, they have it (for an amazing price). You have the option to print out your present and stuff it in a card. I would absolutely recommend popping into Papyrus. This store has beautiful cards and you can find something special for your friend.

4. Straight Up Ask Them
Sometimes, it's best just to ask them outright. Maybe there's a specific kitchen ware item they really want and need. Maybe they need a refill of their favorite mascara or nail polish. Maybe they spied something while shopping last week. There is fun in the hunt of finding a great present for a friend, but there is also satisfaction in knowing your friend will actually love what you got them.

So whether your friend is close or new to your life, you can use these three tips to help you pick the perfect birthday present! I hope this helps! 

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